I'm back. I turn 30 today. OMG!
One of my azam is to TRY and start blogging again. Pick up where I left off. So so much has happened from when I last wrote & 2015 has been an awesome year so far. Alhamdulillah.

Anyway, just now before I go off to work, FF told me that there is something on the table for me. Lo and behold, Surat Cinta. Haha. Lagi istimewa, usually we give each other cards during special events, tp this time I get a letter which is typed using a typewriter. Ala-ala zaman muda bercinta gittew.

Looking back on my twenties, I did a lot, achieved a lot, learned a lot, repent a lot, and I think I grew as a better person. I have a lovely marriage with two kids filling up my time, I do what I like to do,..and if I'm not grateful for what I have, then I do not deserve all this blessed treatment from Allah.

Day to day, I try to make the best out of each day but still, I am just human. Human make mistakes, human tend to procrastinate, human tends to be lazy, human get angry/pissed off and I get all that. There are days that I feel like tak productive langsung and there are days when I feel so tired just taking care of these two kids. It's part of life.

So as I grow old, my azam would be:

1. To do something that could change someting else to the better. Walaupun sekecil zarah, setiap perbuatan baik kita akan dibalas oleh Allah dgn baik.
2. Seek knowledge by reading books.
3. Be more health conscious.
4. Open my eyes to the world by travelling.
5. Dpt menunaikan Haji sebelum plan nak baby no 3.
6. Lebih byk membaca buku2 agama serta dpt menghafaz ayat2 hafazan yg byk dh terlupa.

Yang lain spt mendekatkan diri dgn Allah, be a better daughter, wife & mom tu benda biasa & obviously termasuk sekali jadi x perlu la nk tulis panjang2 kan.

To finish this off,
Happy 30th Birthday to me.
Moga Allah mendengar isi hati aku & menunaikan hajat & hasrat yg tersirat termasuklah yg tersurat.