Mimi's weaning journey


For those who know me, they know that I am a supporter of breastfeeding.
I have not stop breastfeeding since Lulu was born in 2011. Oh, there was a break between March 2013-July 2013 when I was pregnant with Mimi and had to go for Umrah.
Before that though, I was still breastfeeding Lulu. So, Lulu's breastfeeding record is 1 year and 9 months. Just 3 months shy from the full term of 2 years.

Mimi is now 2 years 2 months. And I am weaning her off. My breasts need a break! Can I finally be free? I have been trying to wean her off for few weeks already, but she would always need to breastfeed at night.

When we started, it was so hard to get her to drink formula. Mimi is really attached to me (or should I say, my boobs?). She simply cannot give up breast milk. So we tried different formulas. From Mamex, Mamil, and then we found that Mimi drank more during the Friso Gold stage. I was happy. Did we finally found the milk that Mimi approve?


Although Mimi did drink a lot more of the Friso Gold, there was one problem. She had terrible constipation. At first, it seemed normal...later on, it was so bad that everytime her stool wanted to passed, she grimaced & do the thing you do when you berak, but the shit tak keluar pun! Terrible!
So I got her Lactul, medicine yg mcm doc bagi after give birth tu. The purpose is to melembutkan the hard stool. But I guess the hard one was already blocking the passageway for the other stool to go out...so that really hard one has to pass first.

*if you're easily grossed out, skip this paragraph*
It was a pain for her. Seriously. I heard from other mothers that their little ones had bled trying to pass the hard stool, but I can't stand to see Mimi fighting the "stool battle", so when she had that passing feeling again, I put her in a crouching position, and I myself got that hard thing out for her. She was kinda crying and said, "Mama...sakit, sakit." But when it was all out, I knew she was relieved. Afterwards, the next two three times she berak, the stool was very soft. The Lactul had soften the stools but not the one at the "doorway".

After that episode, I told my family about it all in our family Whatsapp group. And my sister suggested Mamil. She had done marketing for brands and knew it helps with sembelit. So I switched Mimi's formula to Mamil balik.
When we switched the milk, we were about to go on our family trip to UK. So I only brought a little for the whole trip and planned to breastfeed her more during our time there. Trust me, travel is so much easier when you are breastfeeding. You don't have to bring milk, warm water, etc.
But when we were there, Mimi drank quite a lot of the formula and it finished few days before we're due to go back home. So I breastfed her during that time.
Back home, we continued with formula & breastmilk. She still cannot give up the breastmilk fully.

However, last night for the first time ever, she lasted the whole day without breastfeeding and slept herself off without the need to bf! Yay!
Will I miss breastfeeding her? Errr...maybe not. Coz now I noticed that my breasts are not as full as before, I think because milk is starting to deplete and it hurts when she wants to breastfeed. So my breasts also is telling Mimi & me to stop the breastfeeding...
*It tells me secretively that it wants to get back into shape & breastfeeding is not helping her achieve that.*

Anyway, even on formula, I am positively sure that Mimi is pretty much Mommy's girl because sometimes when getting that bottle of milk, she will say to me, "Nak baring dgn Mama..."
Oh well.