Birthday celebration Dahlia & Jasmine


On July 25th, which is about a week after Raya, we did a celebration for the girls' birthday. Both Lulu & Mimi was born in July. So, since this year Mimi's birthday was on the last day of puasa, we decided to combine Raya open house with their birthday celebration.

At first, I didn't have any theme to go for the birthday. But one day, upon discovering a wooden pallet dumping ground near where we live, I decided to do the birthday decoration myself. That's when I thought that a bohemian theme would go very well with pallets. Tau2 la skrg ni kan wooden pallets tgh in trend huhu.

During the last week of puasa, me & FF started painting the pallets that we collected & I started buying the poles & fabric needed for our teepee & tent. I also customized our sampul raya to give out to the kids.

You know, the feeling after achieving something for your kids is priceless. Seeing your kids running underneath the teepee, playing & Lulu actually requested me to make her a feather headband, which I did at the last minute. I feel proud & so happy seeing the kids loving it.

It was our intention to hold the party outdoors since our lawn is big and I know that kids like to run around and all. So, we set up a kids play area at the smaller lawn side while the bigger lawn is for cars to park. I also had few giant bubble sticks and bought some bubbles solution so that the kids can play. I must say, the giant bubble thing is a big hit!

The ever manja Mimi, with her TokBa je manjang.
Pulut kuning made by my Mom for the girls.

That day, the sun kept teasing us. Kejap panas, kejap mendung, kejap mcm nak hujan. So, we took the opportunity once the sun goes back into the clouds to potong the cake. After the cake cutting, we cut the pulut kuning pulak. Just in time for my cousin to come with her husband, whose birthday pun baru je lepas. Untungla dpt potong pulut kuning jgk hehe.

Actually our celebration ni is in magazine Ibu & Anak isu Sept 2015. Thank you pihak magazine for the feature. =D