The 2014 Euro Trip: Edinburgh City


Edinburgh has so many beautiful buildings and places. We've been here twice and there are still many places unexplored. Walking around the city, it leaves you in awe. No wonder this place is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Edinburgh's main monument would be the Scott's Monument. This monument towers above the city and is the largest monument ever built in honour of a Scottish writer, Sir William Scott. Sadly, for this trip, I did not manage to capture the essence of the tower. But, recently I went there again and made sure that I capture the tower's beautiful essence.

 Scott's Monument

Edinburgh is known for an artsy fartsy place. I can understand why. Being here, you are automatically inspired. Apparently, this place call for writers. It's like writers' haven. There was even a Writers' Museum over there.

Another main attraction to see & visit in Edinburgh would be the Edinburgh's Castle. 
This castle is a fortress which was built on a volcanic rock called Castle Rock.
The volcano is extinct and Edinburgh's Castle is on top of the plug of the volcano.

The Castle from street view, atop the volcanic rock.
Edinburgh's Castle front view.

After enjoying the day in Edinburgh, I told FF that this place is worth a repeat! We were there for only 2 full days. Not enough! True to my words, we came back recently from there and enjoyed the notorious Edinburgh's Fringe Festival. This festival is an arts and culture festival happening in Edinburgh's city annually during summer. I will get to that on my future 2015 Edinburgh's post ok.

 Look at the intricate sculpture on the buildings!

Another statue in honour of a Scottish war hero.

Climbing uphill to castle.

View of Calton Hill from city.

I guess that's it for my 2014 Edinburgh post. In summary, pictures don't do justice. You have to go there to feel the atmosphere, the ketenangan, the feel & view of the place. Magnificient! What a beautiful and diverse world we live in!