The 2014 Euro Trip: Edinburgh Day 1


Since I've not blogged for some time, I was thinking to write about some stuff that is missing from here. First off, I'm going to share you about my travel late last year. We went to London, Oxhill, Cornwall, Liverpool, Manchester, Glasgow, Edinburgh & Madrid.

I didn't exactly remember when did we start to plan for our trip, but it was not that early like most people do these days. And since it was such a long trip, we decided just to take Mimi. Since she is still breastfeeding, so I have no other choice but to bring her along. Lucky she is considered an infant, so most costs are reduced. The flights especially!

We booked MAS going to London. It was a 13 hour flight. Although I was a little anxious about how Mimi would be in the flight, I have had experience already bringing a baby on board (Lulu went to Gold Coast, Australia when she was 9 months old). Thankfully, it wasn't hard. Alhamdulillah. In fact, for the whole of this trip, Mimi is an angel.

As soon as we arrived in London, we had an early flight the next day to Glasgow. Our destination, Edinburgh. From Glasgow airport, you have to take a shuttle to Buchanan Bus Station in Glasgow first. From there, take a bus to Edinburgh. The journey to Edinburgh from the bus station takes about 1 hour. We had book a hotel in Edinburgh, Cityroomz. Which is one of the cheapest too. The room is decent size and very clean with very nice bathroom too.

The moment you enter the city of Edinburgh, you are greeted with the most awesome sites! You can see the Scott's Monument towering in the middle of the city, Richard's castle on one side and Arthur's seat on the other side. It was love at first sight! So many buildings leave you in awe and you cannot stop taking pictures everywhere you go.

After checking in at our hotel, we did a simple overview of Edinburgh. I couldn't believe I am looking at such a picturesque place through my own eyes. Night time came early, it was the fall season. And in this part of the world, it was so so very cold! We did some shopping (sempat!) for ourselves & Mimi. I was already prepared to shop for cold weather clothing here, so we didn't pack a lot of clothing, esp Mimi's. Got great bargain there (extra-lightweight down jackets!) and more bargain for Mimi. Most of Mimi's attire that she wore are new!

Here is the Edinburgh's mosque.

In terms of searching for halal food, we stick to restaurants near the mosque. Mostly are halal.

Edinburgh's Castle from street.

View from our room.
The bus from Glasgow is able to stop in front of our hotel.

So, that's a mellow first day in Edinburgh (pronounced Edin-Be-Rrr). Will continue on the 2nd day next post!