A break from the 2014 Euro Trip posts.
Seems like the holidays are calling for baby boom. Been getting a lot of babies in the hospital during the hols. Shot 5 babies out of 8 during Raya Haji. Last time during Hari Malaysia, there were 11 babies!

Anyway, Aidiladha 2015 is memorable so far.

1) FF slaughtered his own qurban, a goat.
2) Went to Kota Tinggi day after Raya, and it was so hazey on the highway. Apparently, Johor hit 200 API.
3) Cousin engaged with long-time boyfriend & new baby in family, Aariz Ziqri's aqiqah.
4) Back to our house and KL/Selangor now hit with over 200 API! School closed.

I don't know how people keep posting blog with pictures. I don't think their hard disk is loaded with photos like mine. I have tons and there are just too much to look through.

Ah! I'm just too tired already.