The 2014 Euro Trip: Calton Hill, Edinburgh


Onto Edinburgh Day 2. We covered a lot of things in one day, can you believe it or not. We started early in the morning. Over there, 6 is already terang. We went out to have breakfast at The Elephant House, notorious for the place where JK Rowling wrote first wrote Harry Potter.

Credit: Wiki

After nreakfast, we head out for Calton Hill. Did you know that Edinburgh is a UNESCO World Heritage Site? And Calton Hill is included in the list. If I were to recommend a place to go in Edinburgh, I would highly recommend Calton Hill.

Going to Calton Hill, you will need to walk along Princes Street. While walking towards the hill, on the right hand side, you will find a 'pintu gerbang' leading you to a cemetery. Me & FF went there. Cemeteries in UK is unlike cemeteries you see in Malaysia. And in Edinburgh, it is more exciting, as you can see in the two pictures below:

Heading to Calton Hill, there are steps going up the hill. Not a lot if I'm not mistaken..then there's walkway up hill but one can bring stroller no problem.

Arriving on the hill, the first thing we noticed; the HUGE monument in front of our eyes. It is the National Monument of Scotland, or else known as Scotland's Disgrace. This is because the monument is intended as a memorial for Scottish's soldiers & sailors who died during the Napoleonic War, but it is never finished. 

For a while, I thought we were transported to Athens, Greece.

The pictures above nampak everything like so calm kan? It was actually sangat sangat windy! I actually felt as if I'm going to blow away with the wind! Even Mimi's stroller with her inside almost terbalik because of the strong wind! Despite my struggles to go and take picture with the monument, we managed a few. 

Not far, there is the Nelson's Monument. This monument which looks like a lookout tower is built in honour of Horatio Nelson. Nelson was a hero during the Napoleonic War, and his signal "England expects every man will do his duty" is often quoted until today.

The most enchanting from atop the Calton Hill is the view of Edinburgh itself. Surrounded with many monuments atop the hill, you are able to take in the view of the city in so many angle. It is so beautiful! 

Pictures just don't do justice on how beautiful the place really is. Believe it or not, my breath was taken away every time I look at the view of the city downward from the hill. I made a 360 degrees turn to take in all the awesomeness here. Subhanallah. God is amazing!

Til next post then! Salam.