The Korean Wave


You might be surprised to know that I actually layan K-Pop, Kdrama, etc. During our honeymoon in Korea 5 years ago, I was not a fan of anything Korea. We went there because we got a great deal and Kak Norah (the guide) was really nice and told us that if we took the trip, it would be an unforgettable lovely memory for us. And it indeed was! Best ever trip and so worth the money spent! We still keep in touch and friends with our tour group & Kak Norah.

A while after Korea, I watched a KDrama, Playful Kiss. From there, I started watching a lot of Kdrama. And then FF started watching Running Man, and I was hooked. It is hilarious & entertaining. I am still watching it since episode 1 until now..Already 260+ episodes!

One day I accidentally listened to a G-Dragon song, The XX. And I became known why Big Bang are so big and people go fanatic over them. Their songs are seriously cool...unlike other Kpop groups. I became a Big Bang VIP (fan). And now, I am a Korean fan. I love the food, the dramas (esp comedy), the music, etc.

I am already a fan of Japanese stuff before this. Even up to comics and few anime. So the Korean wave is quite new and foreign to me. I remembered I use to belittle Kpop. Who knew few years later I am also hooked to some Kpop groups/bands/singers. Haha.

Like I said, I am an avid fan of Running Man and one of my fave is Gary (aside of Jong Kook). I found that Gary is so charismatic on stage. His lyrics are truthful and honest. Here I want to share in one of his latest song, he actually sings! I am so obsessed with his sound!

He sings at 2:44.