A yearly entry dedication to us, me & FF. Our anniversary is today! We have been married for 6 years already! Alhamdulillah. Throughout these 6 years, I think there was a year when it was especially hard for us. Becoming a first time mother & housewife, I even stopped taking photos for a while...FF busy with work and we kind off lost a bit of communication. Then when we were starting to get a hang of things, I became pregnant with Mimi. Since both pregnancies were hard & harder with Mimi, you can imagine how 'chaos' our life become. But Allah is great. Our doa is heard and our relationship is better than ever now. I could never be grateful enough with what Allah has blessed us.

I personally feel that Allah indeed meant FF for me. I remember clearly the very first time we laid eyes on each other. It was kinda the start of our first year in uni and we somehow locked eyes. I felt a little bit of something, but of course diminished it afterwards. I made an excuse to myself, "Oh, it could be the hairstyle attraction". Only when we started dating did I know FF felt the same way back then. *senyum lebar*

Fast forward Eleven years...Here we are, married with two girls of our own. Wow. Ya Allah, thank you for these gifts. 

For FF,
Thank you for being my soulmate. Thank you for sharing my dreams and aspirations. Thank you for always making me laugh with your antiques. Thank you for supporting me in all kind of situations especially the hard ones.
Love is always a journey & work to be better with one another.
These past years have been nothing but amazing with you and the kids. Mmg byk yg agak limited and menguji kesabaran when you have small kids on tow tapi that is part of life kan.
We have so much to achieve in the future, the most important being to get closer to the path of Allah SWT.
Let's do that while also go to places & various stadiums together.
Love you with all of my heart. Saranghae!
(queue lagu GDxTaeyang Good Boy sambil buat dance dia, our inside joke haha)

*warning* Lots of photos below.


Kids being so manja with Daddy.
Here is our most recent photo together, during the Bukit Tabur hike. After 4 years, now we finally are able to have lots of time just the two of us. Occasionally, we cannot escape the kids trap though.

 So, to end this post, I want to dedicate lagu Gary & Jung In - Bicycle to FF.
Let's love til the end of time. Sampai syurga. Amin.