Tips on how to breastfeed successfully (Part One)


I am declaring (as I have always been) that I am a full supporter of breastfeeding.
Supporter means that I encourage breastfeeding and I am willing to share my experience about breastfeeding. But, I will also refrain saying anything about formula-fed babies. Many moms may have tried breastfeeding and failed, many have tried and found that formula is best for their baby, few may opt for formula because it's easier, and etc.

As a supporter, I will help and try my best to assist moms who are serious in breastfeeding their babies. Do note that breastfeeding is a journey. You will definitely face some obstacles. And eventually you may, or may not succeed. If you don't succeed, do not fret. Share it with your colleagues, or other moms regardless whether they are breastfeeding or not. At least you get to tell your story. Other moms will tend to motivate you and support you in times of need. If you don't have friends to talk to, talk to your husband or your own mother.

Friends have always ask me about breastfeeding because I breastfed both my kids. How do I do it? How to produce more milk especially. I'm going to do a series of breastfeeding posts. So here goes Part One: Tips on how to breastfeed successfully.

1. Study about breastfeeding beforehand.
    What new moms often forget is to study on breastfeeding before giving birth. Study about the supply and demand, about baby's feeding cue, on how to latch your baby to your breast.

Latching tips: Your areolas must be in your baby's mouth, the whole of it or most of it if your areolas are big. Baby's cheek will look full because it is filled with your nipple in there. And when baby is sucking, you will not here any sucking sound. This is successful latching.

2. Self-determination.
    Meaning the determination of wanting to breastfeed your child and never giving up even after much obstacles.

3. Support! 
    Support is very very important. Because I find that without support, breastfeeding moms can easily crumble. It is never easy to breastfeed. So, Husband must support. Your own mother must support. And if you have additional support from other mothers or your friends, the better. 
If it had not been for my mother, I would have been a victim to the "formula trap". Which leads to the next point,

4. Avoiding the 'formula trap'.
    What is this? Does this mean I have to resist formula at all cost? Yes and No. Yes, when you are capable on breastfeeding and there is nothing serious that constitute you to give your baby formula.
No, when your baby is depleted of milk/nutrients or the baby has jaundice (which usually means not enough milk) and definitely when your doctor tells you to supplement your baby formula. 
All doctors will encourage on breastfeeding baby and formula is to supplement what is lacking (usually milk) in the baby. 
However, "formula as a supplement" is the deadliest trap. It is not wrong. But it can lead you to be lazy in breastfeeding your baby. I've been in this situation. Lulu had jaundice and we needed to supplement her with formula to curb the jaundice. Formula is meant as a supplement, but I saw that she gets less cranky after having formula and I was able to rest longer. So I became lazy. Formula seemed an easy solution. Luckily, my mom woke me up from slumber and reminded me that the formula is not to replace the breastmilk, but to supplement only! 
Fyi, breastmilk digest much faster than formula. That's why baby gets easily full with formula milk.

5. Ask other bf-ing mother's experience.
    Bf mothers each have their own story. Some may have endured many obstacle before finally able to bf successfully, some may come easy for them. But I assure you, they will always have many to tell, and many tips/tricks at their fingertips.

6. Relax. Don't fret, don't stress. Go with the flow. Even if your baby is crying, practically screaming, for milk and you are still fumbling to open your nursing bra.

To be continued...