Conquering West Tabur Hill


It's been such a full week for me. Lots of actual work going on and as I am writing this, I am juggling with so much other stuff. I have a deadline, meetings, appointments, some kerani work, etc. Keep postponing the kerani work, but I shouldn't really. It's as equally important as other work.

Anyway, last Saturday was so packed for me. I had only an hour off from one thing to another. Went to Bukit Tabur in the morning, then off to photoshoot, and then off to a wedding. From before Subuh to late at night, no rest. Wow! I made it alive! Haha.

So let me tell you about the hike up the Tabur Hill. Tabur Hill has many peaks; at this time the known ones are East, West, Far East & Extreme. I heard there is another one, but I am not sure of its name. The Tabur Hill is a rocky quartz ridge hill that is located in Taman Melawati & is deemed quite dangerous. There have been few accidents there, attributed mainly to missteps of hikers & the lack of safety by the hikers themselves. This is my first time hiking at Tabur, and we went to the West side. Which is known to be challenging & dangerous.

I knew that there is some rock climbing involve but I was quite taken aback (and excited too) whenever we came to a challenging route along the way. One thing that I'd like to mention, being fit is not no 1 for a hiking trip, but the most important is the state of the mind. Mentally fit, prepared & confident.

Our leader, Aman, told us that there is one scary point we must go through and we have to use a rope. We had passed a few other rock points and one rock climbing feat when we finally got to that said point. Yeap, quite scary. You are expected to climb down using the rope and carefully know where your footing should be and where to hold on to next. Wrong move, you could be in the next statistics of Bukit Tabur. While we were checking out how to go down (there were quite some queue because only one can go at a time), someone said to us, "Ni yg budak jatuh tu." He is referring to a recent case where someone fell to his death here. Oh my.

Thankfully, I made it ok. Alhamdulillah. Being small, I made it look easy. FF applaud me for it. Yay!
After I made it pass the rope, it's not the end yet. You have to climb down, and trail through the edge of rocks. There is another gorge staring at you.

First pic: Made it pass the rope, the 2nd challenge. Trailing on the edge.
Second pic: See that rock behind us? That's where you have to use the rope. Down below is a steep rocky ravine. 

It was a relief to finally make it to the top. Too bad the haze kinda spoil the view, but we manage to capture some worthwhile picture on top too. We are targetting to go to East side next...when the haze have gone for sure. I want to capture the spectacular view everyone who goes to Tabur talks about.

p/s: The last picture is the last point, down the hill going back to the car.