It's been a year plus since my last post. Reading it, I thought, I have come quite a long way. It's Christmas today in 2014 and a little contrary to my previous post, I am being more affectionate to FF now.
We celebrated our 5th anniversary last two months, with an impromptu trip to UK & Madrid, a trip to Bali and a short visit to my sister's in Singapore (which is also a trip to see Malaysia vs Singapore in Kallang Stadium).
Last Saturday, we enjoyed Final AFF Suzuki 2014 where Harimau Malaya ended up losing to Thailand in SNBJ. It was all good because no one expected them to reach final at all!
In terms of life, I can say that it's merry. As a mother, sometimes I am exhausted of handling these kids especially Lulu who is always very hyper! As a wife, I am always trying to be the best to FF. To understand him better & to accept his flaws. We have our me nagging on him about this and that or him calling me "poyo" on the social media and whatnots...but I guess we've come to understand quite a lot now about each other.

Actually, I'm not quite sure why I do this post. After such a long time neglecting this blog. Don't know when I will post again. I think I just want this to be here to remind myself in the future, that as of now, I am very pleased with my life. We may not live in a dream house, we may not live privately as what we once dreamed...but I believe there will come a day when I get to design my own house the way I wanted it to be. God willing. Mostly, at this moment, I am happy with how my life is going. I have the love from family...that is what matters most. Without the love of family, material stuff is meaningless.

Alhamdulillah. I thank Allah for my life now. Less than perfect, yet I feel that it is perfect enough.