Lessons from Surah Yusuf by Mufti Menk


I am currently reading the translation of the Quran, from page 1. And I am determined to read it cover to cover. To understand it.

One of the Surah that I feel amazed by is Surah Yusuf. The entire Surah is dedicated to Prophet Yusuf AS and his life story. This Surah was revealed during the Year of Sorrow when Prophet Muhammad SAW suffered difficulty by the loss of Khadijah & Abu Talib as well as the situation he faced in Taif.
It is meant to comfort Rasulullah and to strengthen him in times of trials and tribulations.

One of the lectures that I really really love about Surah Yusuf is this one by Mufti Menk. So insightful. May we benefit from this and may we be among the righteous. Amin.