IFTravels: YOGYAKARTA 29 Jan - 2 Feb 2017 (DAY 4 - BEACHES)


Continuation of DAY 4, after the Timang Adventure.

After Timang, I told our supir Agus that our next destination is Jogan Beach. He told us that he's never been there but it should not be that far away. So, we made our way and found the sign to Jogan and then asked around about the whereabouts. Some parts in this area doesn't have signal so we rely on the directions from the locals. But, not to worry because the road are not that confusing. Those who are used to this area should be able to navigate just fine.

When we arrived at Jogan, we didn't see it at first. But we could hear the sound of the ocean. Then, we saw a small bridge above a small river. This part of the river is actually called estuary (muara sungai). The river overflows into a waterfall that leads to the ocean. The imagery here is so beautiful. Subhanallah, so so beautiful!

FF went down and took some pictures. 

The view opposite the waterfall.

Amazing isn't it? The world that Allah created is so beautiful but as He promised, the world of the hereafter is even more beautiful. So, how much more beautiful will that be? 

After our time at Jogan Beach, we went downwards to Kukup Beach. But before getting to Kukup, we stopped at Indrayanti Beach. Indrayanti is one of the popular beaches for tourists. We stopped by to see what's so special about it. The sand here is so soft! So very soft that I feel like I want to lie down there! The view is not too bad and the wind is cool. For a more relaxing time, you can stay here. I  guess that is why the beach is popular, some "bule" (mat salleh) love to wind down at beaches. And this is the perfect spot to relax.

Next, we made our way to Kukup Beach. Kukup is deemed as the Tanah Lot for Yogyakarta. Here, there are more people. And also there are amateur local photographers who will randomly take your photos and then approach you, selling the photos. 

For about 20 minutes or so, we stayed here and take photos, admiring the place. I wanted to go up the rocks but FF said, the view is still the ocean haha. I think he was already quite tired. We enjoyed looking at the waves though. The waves here are so strong. We took so many videos and boomerangs during our trip but just don't know if we have the time to share them. We'll see, from time to time I will update the entries with videos.

Note: There is no entry for Jogan, but only pay the parking which is 5k rupiah.
For Indrayanti, Kukup, Baron, Krakal (the beaches downwards), it's 10k for entry and then 5k parking for each beaches.

On the way back, we asked Agus to bring us to Sate Klatak for dinner. Sate Klatak is actually lamb sate using metal skewers. In this way, it ensures that the lamb is cooked thoroughly. For me, it's good but not out of the ordinary. We also have lamb sate in Malaysia.

That night, our plan was to go do some souvenirs shopping in Malioboro as our hotel is near there. But it rained so heavily that night that it's quite impossible to go out. And because of this rain, something happened, which made our flight delayed the next day.

Til the next entry, last day in Yogyakarta!