IFTravels: YOGYAKARTA 29 Jan - 2 Feb 2017 (DAY 1)



Our flight was at 630 AM (Malaysia time). Subuh at 615 AM, so once it's Subuh time, we prayed at a corner. People were queuing up to go inside the plane and we saw some jemaah forming a line to pray. We followed since both of us still had our wudhu'. You can choose to pray inside the plane, no worries.

We landed roughly at 8-830 AM (Yogyakarta time). Their time is ahead an hour from Malaysia's time. After settling the immigration and the custom declaration, we met our supir, Agung. As soon as we got in the car, the first destination is Taman Sari (Water Castle).

When buying the ticket, speak Indonesian. And make sure you have small change. The local ticket is 5k rupiah per person but for International, 15k per person. There will be people offering guided services, they costs usually around 20k-50k rupiah.

Taman Sari was once a royal garden of the Yogyakarta Sultanate perhaps during the era of 1760s. This complex is now surrounded with local settlements around and it is quite hard to navigate through without guide. The pools in the castle is thought to have been where concubines of the king bathe while waiting to be chosen.

The Taman Sari complex is actually very large but people have built settlements all around the complex, so one have to ask around or ask a guide to help to go through all the complex. Above picture is when we were trying to find our way back to the Taman Sari after getting lost in the kampung.

Unfortunately, we didn't get to spend much time here because we got lost and already tired to find our way through. Well then, that can be a reason for a next visit! 

Next, we went to Bantul area. Here is the famous Hutan Pinus. But our supir brought us not just to Hutan Pinus, but to other places as well. And it was definitely such a hit! Hutan Pinus is a new attraction in Jogjakarta because of its vast pine trees area. The moment we arrived here, it rained heavily. So we hang out in a tree house, and ate lunch with Agung. Mind you, it's a custom that you pay for your driver's food here and if you are not fussy and opt for local stall, the food is extremely cheap! Much cheaper than the food in Jakarta-Bandung.

Just a simple Indomee.

Even after raining, Pinus Forest look so beautiful. Fog started to engulf the area. And your scenery become mysterious. 

We captured enough pictures at Pinus although not that many, because the people who took care of the forest wanted to close the area. The wind was so strong during and after the rain, so for safety reason the pinus sites need to be closed. They were afraid of branches falling and hitting tourists.

Next, we went straight to Puncak Becici. As a traveller, one knows that it is most convenient wearing sneakers instead of heels or flats or unfit shoes for whatever activity that you want to do. I think that's the difference in traveling and holiday. Travelling means you are exploring, sometimes spontaneously (AADC2 quote). Many times, I want to be like a stylo traveller. But I realized, all that "stylish traveling" is just fake. Real traveling is enjoying your journey and the destination. Sometimes, just sitting and breathing in the atmosphere.

There were actually many places for photography sake at Becici. But I don't want to bombard this entry with too many pictures. You have to go for yourself!

Next up, Jurang Tembelan, for the ever famous (at least among locals) "perahu terbang". It is really near Mangunan view point. But in my honest opinion, if you've taken in the view from Jurang Tembelan, you don't need to go to Mangunan. However, because we went there on a Sunday, the queue for the ship is quite long.

So that's our 1st day. We checked in at our hotel after visiting the places.
After checking in and all, we were advised that there is a free shuttle departing to Malioboro every 2 hours and the last pickup is at 9 PM. So that night, we went out and did mostly window shopping at Malioboro.

We went back to our hotel by using GoCar because the 9PM pickup were already full.
The fare from Malioboro to our hotel (Hyatt Regency) was 36,000 rupiah.
For the Hutan Pinus, Puncak Becici, Jurang Tembelan and Mangunan, we paid for parking, which is about 2k-5k each.

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