The continuation of Day 3.

After checking in to our hotel, we went to Tebing Breksi. We decided impromptu to go here since there was a lot of time left to explore places. Here, we paid 10k rupiah for parking. No entrance fee.
Tebing Breksi is just a viewing place, although the view is amazing but for me, it's not that interesting. We did enjoy our time there albeit just normal and enjoyed the catchphrases we found atop the rock.

One of the things we found amusing in Indonesia is, the people are so creative that they're able to come up with witty catchphrases. Like the viral Om Telolet Om.



After Tebing Breksi, we went to Candi Ijo. Why Candi Ijo? Firstly, it's one of the popular temple spot to go (even though I think mostly locals are the ones who goes here). I've seen the picture and thought that if we have enough time, then I'll consider to go here. Second, after discussion with our supir the previous day, Agung, he suggested us to go here. Because it's near to Ratu Boko and Ramayana, etc. 

Ijo Temple is actually not that far from Tebing Breksi. Perhaps about 5 minutes by car and it is the highest temple in Yogyakarta overlooking such an awesome view of Yogyakarta. It's a Hindu temple built around the 10th century, thought to be under the Medang Mataram kingdom of Hinduism. The name Ijo was depicted from scripture that points to this temple. 

The view from the temple ground is amazing but I feel that the view from the parking is better. So peaceful, we stayed there for a bit, eating Indomee and drinking local coffee. Asik! 

The sunset in Yogyakarta is about 530PM onwards. We started our way to Ratu Boko Palace at about 430PM maybe? The ticket at Ratu Boko differs by the time that you visit. After 3PM, the ticket is quite expensive. It's 125k per person, I think this was the International price. The ticket is included with food & drinks after viewing sunset. You can pay the ticket by using credit card also here. Here, it's possible to try and "be local". You will get cheaper price. Our ticket was charged International because Agus went ahead to the ticketing office and told them he is bringing tourists (minus point for having him as supir). 

You need to climb stairs a little to get to Ratu Boko Palace. The name Ratu Boko Palace derived from the Loro Jonggrang tales from the locals about the princess that lived on this place. It's real name is still unknown as no scriptures about this place were found. It is found that the place was probably a palace, transformed into a fortress and then also as a religious temple. Both elements from Buddhism and Hinduism was found around the complex. The Jalatunda, a well from the Loro Jonggrang tale is also found here. The water from the well is used by Hindu for religious purpose such as for Nyepi and etc.


Unfortunately for us, the sky was cloudy so we didn't get the sunset. It's raining season in Jan/Feb so it's hard to catch the sunset here. Nonetheless, we just captured whatever photos we can.

This was Maghrib time, we had our dinner that's included in the ticket and also solat at the restaurant of Ratu Boko.

At 7PM we made our way to watch Ramayana Show. The show starts at 730PM. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who is able to catch this show. It's not on every night, there are specific dates and coincidentally, we were able to catch the show. If you do want to watch this, inform your supir earlier (possibly while you're still in Malaysia) so that he can arrange on the dates the show is available. The story is about Ramayana & Sita and this is actually was sculptured on the wall of Prambanan Temple. What's interesting is the Javanese feel to the story with the Javanese ballet, so intriguing and artistic.



I actually took lots of videos rather than photos but I haven't had the time to post the videos on vimeo/youtube, Maybe I should just leave it at that, let you see it for yourself. ;)