IFTravels: YOGYAKARTA 29 Jan - 2 Feb 2017 (DAY 5)


DAY 5.

That day was supposed to end pretty early, our flight was at 1145 am.
However, in the morning, I got a message from Agus saying that flights are getting cancelled/delayed at the airport. Apparently, last night there was a Garuda airplane slipped on the runway due to the rain. And since the airport is quite small, it interrupts a lot of flights that day.

Immediately I checked my emails to see if there were any news. No news.
So, we decided to just go to the airport, to check what is happening.

But as per original plan, we didn't go to the airport straight away. We went to the local football club's PSS Sleman stadium, the Maguwoharjo stadion. As a lot of you know already, me & FF always try to go to the local football stadiums (if there's one) anywhere we go. It started because we're both fans of football and since we have a "football shrine" at home, we could add our visits to stadiums around the world in our collection. Follow #IFInvadingStadiums for the collection.

Although PSS Sleman is considered quite a small club compared to Persib (Bandung) or Persija (Jakarta), but the atmosphere inside the stadium is amazing. Look at the video below:

What an atmosphere!

Their mascot is the Garuda, which is an ancient mystical bird. 

After our short time at the stadium, we went to the airport. It was so crowded and we saw some Malaysians just arriving at the airport for their flight too. I went to AirAsia customer service centre (it was tiny!) and was informed that the runway will only be open at 3PM! And there is still no information yet when our flight is due. Looking at the screen of arrival/departures, we saw that all the domestic flights (except for Jakarta) are cancelled. The International only had "Delayed" on it but there is no possible timing.

After staying about 30 minutes at the airport, we decided to go someplace else as there is still no news of our flight. It was only 930AM and we have many more hours to wait. We got Agus to drop us at the biggest mall in Jogja, Amburuksumo Mall. Before he dropped us there though, we went round the airport to see the Garuda plane that caused the commotion. The plane skidded off the runway and its tyres were stuck in the muddy grasses where it stopped. And the plane also blocked the path to the parking of the planes. So, no flight were able to get past the runway to the parking or from the parking to the runway. Reports are saying that flights are re-routed to Solo that night it happened.

When we got to the mall, first stop was to Gramedia, where we bought some books we wanted to buy and then, seeing that we have a lot of time to spare, we went to see an Indonesian movie, From London to Bali. After buying the tickets, I got an email saying our flight is delayed to 6PM. I was quite relieved because I was ready to go home.

Alhamdulillah, we arrived safely, or else I wouldn't be here sharing my travels with you.
I hope that I could share more of my travels and give as much information about it so that it could benefit you guys if you are planning to go there.
Alhamdulillah, what I am able to do now is thanks to Allah who have given me so much blessings. Life in this world is not all sunshine, it's harsh. But by being patient, relying on Him and trusting Him makes me feel much happier.

If there is anything you'd like to ask me, feel free to leave a comment.


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