Short Recap of 2015


As I promised, I will do a recap of my awesome awesome 2015. I can never thank Allah enough for the countless blessings I've had. I constantly feel overwhelmed with what He has blessed us family. Ya Allah, Thank You. Alhamdulillah. For Everything. Be it good or bad, Thank You. Certainly, You know best O Allah.

I feel that 2015 has been my best year yet. One, I turned 30. With a great marriage, with two beautiful kids and an awesome husband. Two, after 4 years of dedicating my life to raising my kids, I finally was able to have some time to myself. After breastfeeding Mimi for 2 years+, she weaned off. Business-wise, it was all good Alhamdulillah. But one thing I feel particularly different than other years is I traveled a lot. Actually, it was since nearly to the end of year 2014 that me & FF started to travel a lot. In the country and outside of the country.

Travel has always been something me & FF wanted to do since we got married. But it was all postponed because we were busy with work and of course, after a year, we decided to start a family. Alhamdulillah after we got Mimi, I was determined that it's time for me & FF to do what we always wanted to do. 

Another thing that made 2015 special to me was also the fact that I started to get into my spiritual self. I was and still am trying to change myself to be better. Many times I face with the ugly side of me and I am trying to get rid of that. I often ask help from the Almighty and forgiveness from Him. I ask Him to cleanse me and help me to clean myself, but this journey is not easy. So going into 2016, I am hoping that I can become a better me from before. 

Anyway, here are photos of my travels in 2015. Oh, I also went to Backstreet Boys & Katy Perry's concerts..just an awesome year! For 2016, I am really hoping Adele would do an Asia tour and if Big Bang comes to Malaysia again, I would not miss it anymore! Enjoy my 2015 highlights in the photos!