Breastfeeding in public (current issue in Malaysia)


As usual, Malaysians (Malays mostly) tend to make little things turn to be big issues. For today, it is about breastfeeding in public and taking selfies of it.

I thought it was merely about NIP (Nursing in Public) at first, but it turns out that it has something to do with taking pictures of yourself BF-ing and posting it in social media.

I wrote on my FB:
I was a curator for twtmsia quite some time ago, and I have brought up issues about Nursing in Public. I believe in getting two sides of the story. I have been on both sides. I have seen LOADS of women breastfeeding their children, having real issues in bf-ing their babies, have experience the difficulty in bf-ing, experience the shameful feeling when bf-ing in public, etc. 
Mungkin you guys feel that people who nurse their babies in public are shameless people...but sorry to say you might be wrong. Sebab tu la wujudnya nursing cover...sbb mereka ni malu. Secara logiknya, hampir semua women are ashamed of showing their tits to people. Lebih2 lagi women in Malaysia. Our culture sendiri ajar kita utk berasa malu.
Another thing is the issue of seeing other women NIP. I myself, when I see any bf-ing mommies tgh bf be it in public or even in their own hospital room, I will lower my gaze. I will not stare at her breastfeeding babies. Because, I know how the mothers feel, insecure on the inside when other people (strangers esp) see them breastfeeding.
One needs to understand on breastfeeding babies thoroughly to have a real grasp on this small matter that we have here. It is nothing so big to make an issue of.
So stop punishing and pointing fingers.
Selagi kita berada on only one side of the fence, selagi tu kita jgn menghukum.

Truth is, I myself have posted a couple of pictures of me breastfeeding. One, the day I gave birth of Mimi (in hospital) and another in Gold Coast when I was BF-ing Lulu in Hard Rock Cafe.
Why did I post these pictures?
The one with Lulu is to educate people that it is possible to BF your baby in public without exposing your skin.
The other was just because of Lulu in the picture, nothing to do with me bf-ing Mimi. It was just a coincidence that I was BF-ing.

Anyway, people in social media keep saying that women who NIP are shameless, that they purposely want to NIP because of their pride in BF-ing. People who say these things, I would say they don't know at all about breastfeeding. I'd like to put them in a place where there is no easy access to a baby room, and with a crying baby who wants milk ASAP and refused to be console unless he/she gets milk. A mother's instinct would be to give the baby's milk right there and then. I am very sure that in Malaysia, most mothers would feel insecure to start feeding their baby in public. I did.

And to answer about Dynas' NIP flash mob, I feel that with that flash mob, she and the group actually made a difference here in Malaysia. Malls in Malaysia once upon a time ago, was not known for being nursing-friendly. There were no specific place to breastfeed, very little baby rooms. Mothers tend to bf in toilets, fitting it's no wonder why most modern moms eventually choose bottle over breasts. So, after Dynas' NIP mob, a lot has changed. Baby rooms in malls became nursing-friendly. Some malls go to an extend of making a very very comfortable baby room for mothers and babies. Nowadays, we see some restaurants with kids area and provide nursing-friendly environment.

About people who stare at women who BF...maybe you are not used to it, I understand. So stop staring. It's not wrong for a woman to feed her child, it is wrong for you, a stranger, to judge her. Any mother with a hungry baby has no intention of showing her tits for other people to see. They are only thinking of their children. If you feel uncomfortable, lower your gaze. Easy.

Echoing my fb status, if you are only on one side of the fence, you have no right to judge.