Lesson on Anger, from Mufti Menk


Listening to Mufti Menk's lecture again. As always, he never cease to give me great learnings. I hope Mufti Menk will be granted good health by Allah SWT so that he could pass on his knowledge and guide us to be better and closer to Allah SWT.

From the lecture, Solutions to Our State of Weakness.

A man came to prophet Muhammad SAW and said, "O Messenger, give me a good advice.
Rasulullah SAW said, "Don't get angry."
"Give me more advice," said the man again.
And once more, Rasullulah SAW said, "Don't get angry."

Lesson learnt:
Anger is a dangerous weapon...always against ourselves. Always be patient, Sabar. When we get angry, we always do things we will eventually regret. Do not vent your anger for someone else to another person(s), particularly to your parents or husband/wife and children.
If you get angry, especially if your anger is eating you inside, take wudhu' and PRAY. Vent your feelings out to Allah, talk to Him, ask Him for calmness, ask Him for forgiveness, cry to Him. Allah is the ultimate BFF. He will always be there with you, ALL THE TIME. Make Him your BFF.

Ya Allah, make me a better person each and every day while I'm still alive. Guide me to Your path and never let me astray. I am not always a good person, but I assure You that I will continue to strive to be better. Amin.