Dahlia Imani's Super Birthday!


Here we are again! Okay, sambung previous entry about the birthday celebration.

Aku & FF decided to buat small makan2 at a restaurant 2 weeks after her birthdate sbb parents aku pun time tu baru blk umrah. No plans whatsoever nak buat some sort of party la whatever.
Of course, it was very tempting nak buat a big celebration, but in the end we opt untuk tak melebih-lebih memandangkan Lulu pun baru setahun. Since keluarga FF pun x besar, so just among us family je la. Family aku & family dia.

Nak dijadikan cerita, few months before Lulu's birthday, ktrg ade gi travel to this one place la. And there, we found satu baju yg aku sukaaaaa sgt for her walaupun xde size yg ktrg nak, we bought je size yg ade at the time (we usually will buy her clothes yg a bit besar so that she can wear it longer). After that, we showed the baju to my mom and then she said that this could be her birthday theme. Ding dong! Flashbulb terus menyala! I thought, "Takpe la...even if ktrg x buat celebration yg vavavoom, bole je pakai untuk celebration dia yg lain." And there I was, after the decision nak buat makan2 family je, terbayang Lulu pakai baju tu for that makan2 session.

The days leading up to the birthday makan2 celebration, aku decide nak buat at least a little decoration surrounding the theme according to her baju. I did a lot of internet surfing later at night and tgk byk references. Byk aku dpt idea in the spur of the moment. And can you believe that semua deco2 tu siap the morning before her celebration? It was not much, but it's something.

Lepas tu, sampai je the place yg ktrg dh reserve, another last minute thing, beli few balloons. Just to make it more celebration-ny sikit. Hehe. Alhamdulillah, I felt puas. I don't need all the grandeur of a party but I felt puas buat all the deco sendiri in the span of 1 and a half day! Thank you Allah for giving me the ideas in such a short time & for it to be done so quickly. Thank you FF for doing all the printout work.

Enjoy some photos from the celebration/makan2 below. More pictures kat my fb. Xnak post gmbr2 lain sbb a bit private. =)
Oh, the birthday theme: Superheroes Birthday Celebration featuring Lulu as Supergirl!


  1. dear buat kt mn? mcm best je... hp bufday super gurl super lulu

  2. comelnye bday party mcm ni..u hired artis utk lukis ke?comel2

  3. ilyn supermom! bole jd part planner!nice gila.inspired me hehe

  4. Farhana: thank you... =) buat kat mane as in the place ke?

    fiszah: actually yg lukisan Dahlia tu we got from syem raja lawak 3. kebetulan terjumpe die, n he requested to lukis Lulu for free. alhamdulillah! =)

    lisa: haha takde la supermom sgt...bole la sikit2. ni punlast minute lisa..