Lulu 1-Year Old Project


Actually, Lulu's birthday has passed 2 months ago. Tapi of course, I purposely didn't blog it. Ah, at that time pun I was quite uninterested to blog sgt. Anyhow, aku mmg xde plan apa2 pun for her birthday initially. Even for the occasion, I was having a dilemma whether to throw a party or not. Biase lah, social network punye penangan, semua anak2 zaman sekarang xnk kalah die punye celebration ye tak.

When it got closer to Lulu's birthday, aku tiba2 dapat idea nak buat satu sort of countdown menuju ke birthdate die. I called it "Lulu 1-Year-Old Project".

So, what is the project? The project is, starting dalam 12 hari sebelum her actual birthday; setiap hari aku akan post collage of her photos starting from the 1st month to the 12th month. I did and posted it on fb & instagram. Caption photo aku letak countdown how many days to go to the Big 1.

So, these are some of the photos. Gambar kecik sebab copyrighted ya. Hehe.

 12th month spesel sikit sbb dilancarkan masa birthday die, so ade 2 gambar hehe.

And to end the Lulu 1-Year-Old project, the birthday wish collage, starting from the 1st month to 12th.

Birthday celebration pulak kitorg buat 2 weekends after that coz my parents just got back from umrah. And also, last minute ade tukar plan sikit. Nak tau? Kene stay tune next entry! =)