Selamat Pagi 2010!

The ONLY thing that mattered in 2009:

I don't want to care about all the sadness, the struggles, the sakit hati etc.
I am just grateful to Allah for my destiny, for giving me a life full of happiness and gratefulness. Alhamdulillah.

I am ready for 2010.
I know my life is the result of my choices.
I know that He will not burden me with what I am not able to handle.
So here I am.
Ready for another year of much rocking excitement~
Insyallah. =)


  1. hepy new year! selamat tahun baru!
    hurm.. ada apa dgn gmbr2 tu ya?
    krim salam gooners dgn faly!

  2. amal: ade cerita di sebalik gmbr tuuu heheheheh