Gambar diambil ketika kenduri kawin member FF di JB.

Sejak kahwin, aku tak penah halang FF lepak dengan member2 die. Sampai kol 3-4 pg pun no hal.
Aku pun kadang2 selalu balik keje lambat smpi ke 1-2 pg.
Maybe that's the reason org lain rasa aku ni mcm xkahwin pun. Hehe.

My friendship circle/cycle tak mcm FF. He has a whole lot more friends who are more supportive of him and love him.
My friends? Always come and go.
Aku boleh kira kawan2 yang aku btol2 boleh percaya dan aku boleh count on anytime.
Most of them, lelaki.

Being with FF, aku kena accept his friends as well.
And I have absolutely no problem with that.
Seronok lepak dengan diorg and kdg2 tak sedar lepak smpi lewat.
Most of the time, I have more fun with them than my own friends.
The energy, the jokes, the bonding...semua ada.
So, bila FF lepak dengan member dia, it makes me happy because I know it makes him happy.

From my point of view, he has reliable friends who stick through in time.
Insyallah through thick and thin.
So, this post is dedicated to FF's friends who have been with him from SMAPL/PASUM/UKM time until now, until he's married...and hopefully will stay for a much longer time.

Hopefully you guys also will be there when FF Jr comes to the world haha.
And I hope to capture more moments like above when FF is with you guys.