Understanding rituals of Hajj


I have been reading the book "Getting the best out of Hajj" by Ismail Davids and thought that it is a very very informative book on Hajj.
It's 6 Sept today, 4 Zulhijjah. It is getting closer to Hajj yet there is no news of whether we will be going or not.
I have accepted that it may not be our calling yet, Allah is indeed the best planners. I believe He knows when I should go.

Anyway, I just watched this video about understanding the rituals of Hajj by Ismail Davids and what a great talk this is! Everyone who wants to go to Hajj should watch this. Do the basic readings of Hajj and then watch this. I'm sure this will change you a little bit.

May we be able to perform Hajj & get the best out of it even after making the Hajj and coming back home. Ameen.