Surrounded with positivity


I am blessed to be surrounded by people who are really nice and care about me. Alhamdulillah! Thank you Ya Allah!

While we were preparing our mind for Hajj (which in the end was not our time yet according to Allah), a friend gave us some books regarding Hajj. One of it is a book by Ismail Davids, "Getting the Best out of Hajj". And I must say, how absolutely insightful, informative and is THE perfect book to get you ready for Hajj. Couple it with watching his video on Rituals of Hajj (here), and I assure you, your mindset will change.

Today, the very last flight will depart to Jeddah for the Hajj season. We are here at home, having come to terms that it is not our time yet since the last 2 days. And I received this from my sister's mother-in-law (via my sister)...they are residing in US,

 I immediately felt touched at her gesture. Perhaps because few days before the last 2 days, we had news that our chances in going to Hajj was 80%. We got everything ready. But nearing to the day, our chances seemed bleak. That was when I watched Ismail Davids' video and his words about Allah's will for our Hajj journey soothed me. Up til today, I feel calm. I'm looking at days ahead of me now and move on. We will have our chance to go, it is all up to Allah. We have done our best, but Allah knows best. Thank you Aunty for the kind words and reminder!

Looking back, even when we were uncertain whether we would go for Hajj or not, our friends keep encouraging us and giving positive words, mostly at the lines of, "You absolutely will go."
One of our friends (who has gone for Hajj last year), gave me tips and told me to keep calm and help me through my stress about Hajj (in the early preparation).

Ya Allah, I feel so blessed with the friends that I am surrounded with. Thank you for bringing them into my life. As much as they pray for me and wish me well, I wish the same for them too and pray that they are given the same blessings that You have given me. Amin.