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I found that the topic in FB today centered around Malay people getting help & food from churches. Many Malay claimed that churches have been extra helpful to them in terms of charity.

One post mentioning that they are getting food from churches whereas there are none like this from mosques. I feel really sad hearing this. Because as far as I know, there are a LOT of masjid who giveaway food to people. Especially around maghrib prayers. After maghrib, tons of mosques give free food to people, so I'm not quite sure if the people who make these claims go to enough masjid or not.

The people who make these claims are Malays, complaining about other Malays. I think it's fair to say that they are targeting Malays as a race, not Islam, the religion. It is unfair though to say that there are no charity given to others by the mosques. Maybe, some mosques have rules in terms of no sleeping, no loitering, etc. But in general, I find mosques to be awesome, calm place to be in.

I suggest these people who complains a lot to try and go to a lot of mosques. Small and big ones.
I believe you will see that there are a lot of other mosques that gives free food too. You want free food right?
How about other charity, you may ask. Try and go on weekends, if you're lucky, they may have some kind of free market over at the mosques.

Do not blame the religion, but blame the race. Or rather the individual that hurt you.
That individual (Malay, I assume) has been tempted by satan to hurt your feelings and You, too, have fallen to satan's trap in feeling hurt and sharing this hurt with other people out there.
It's okay, we are human. We constantly make mistakes, every second of every day.

Allah, have mercy on all of us.