The start of a spiritual journey

May Peace be upon you.

I have been busy!
Firstly, since my last post, I have been busy with work, attending weddings + taking care of my Dahlia & si Capang.
Quite few things happening in my life...but today I'm going to cerita about Faith.

About a month ago, I dreamt about enrolling for agama class at this famous place that my mom goes to for her classes & talks.
Told FF about my dream and he immediately reacted, "Alhamdulillah!"
Then, few days later, I received an sms from that place about a talk going on there.
I was shocked because I didn't give my number to them & I certainly don't think my mom did.
It was like a sign...

And starting from that point on, I started to dream many agama related stuff & was also interested in many agama topics.
In Malaysia, the Islam teachings that we always see on tv are always being manipulated by politicians.
Every single thing seems to be haram, bidaah, syirik etc etc.
Even I got confused whether or not we can do certain stuff or not.
Alhamdulillah, I got FF who is vastly knowledgeable in Islamic teachings.

Last week, Mufti Ismail Menk came to KL.
Somehow, when my mom told me that she will be going to his talks, I became interested.
Something in me told me to go...I did.
And it was amazing. An eye-opener. A spiritual motivation.
It is very hard to find someone who guides us to greatness with sincerity & passion for Allah.
And also someone who carries an authentic teachings in Islam.
I feel blessed & motivated after hearing his lecture.

He said that a lot of people work so hard night and day to be rich, in order to buy this and that.
But, they forget to work hard to prepare for the day where we meet our Maker, Allah swt.
It is not wrong to work hard to survive in this world, but you must work equally hard to survive Qiyamah (the Hereafter).
He also pointed out that, if we can read many many books throughout our lifetime, why can't we spend some of that time reading AND understanding the Quran?

There are lots of points that he gave, including worshiping only Allah and do not associate any partnership with none other than Him.
This is because, a lot of Muslims nowadays are leaning to worshiping pious people.
This is a sin. Pious people are to guide us, so we Follow them, not worship them.
The same as to Muhammad SAW. He is the messenger of Allah swt, so we Follow him. And Worship only Allah.

Okay, I don't want to make this entry too 'lecturing'.
I myself is not that perfect. I am just a slave in this materialistic world.
It is just, I feel that I am just stepping into this world.
And it is not a good sight. For the eyes, the mind or the heart.
I realized that all this time I am searching for my place...searching my purpose.
I may not have found it yet but I found several things that I want to do and pursue.
Firstly, I want to start seriously on my own spiritual journey.

My journey may be slow. But it's a start.
At least I am taking a step.
In front of me, is not an easy road.
I will step forward anyway. As long as I'm sincere, He will be there for me.