Ramadhan Kareem


Ramadhan is here again! Yay!
At the moment, I'm super busy with lots of stuff. Market is not so great so far but there is a glimmer of hope recently. Hoping for the 2nd half to bulk up. I'm being a PA to FF now so I do a lot of his work stuff, mostly related to papers. Yesterday whilst reading the Quran, I was overcomed by how much Allah has given us. I thanked Him and I also thought about how we are often less grateful of what we have.

Anyway, FF now is outstation, in a land away from Peninsular. He just WA-ed me asking if I want lobster. I'm thinking how should I cook it?

Today is only the 2nd day of Ramadhan. Yesterday was the first and for me, I started it with being so unproductive. The night before I slept late about 1++ AM and woke up at 4am to send FF to the airport. We had our Sahur/Suhoor in the car. I reached home, did my Subuh prayer, and then slept. Oh, before that during Sahur I had to take a cough+flu medicine. I seemed to have contracted the virus from FF. And it made me drowsy the whole day! My body felt tired even though I tried to fight it. I slept quite some hours in the day too. Good thing my body "woke up" after Asar.

So yesterday night I slept earlier and woke up at 5AM. I feel quite energized right now even though I just did an exercise routine that was quite hard. Oh, an update, I'm now joining Yoga. Hehe. I have always wanted to Yoga but always malas to do it. Then, I started joining a friend's class and it was so liberating. It was peaceful and calm and motivating too.

It's 740AM. I think I better start doing some real work.
Til next post.
Ramadhan Kareem people!