It's hard for me to blog about my travels in here. I mostly do it on my instagram. Do checkout @ilynnvirgobiru .

Anyway, today I was reminded during a time that a friend dislike me for no good reason. It didn't occur to me about it until I wished her Happy Birthday and she replied about being sorry for her actions towards me and so forth. In truth, although I suspected that she somehow was against me but I never did thought much about it. I ignore the things happening around me.

And recently, I think a similar thing happened. But I choose to ignore.
I want to live my life the way I want to and not be bothered about others being mean to me or my family.
I'll admit it does tugs at your heart when things go bad, but it's not my fault anyway.
If other people cannot change, then just be patient and ignore whatever that does not suit you.
I'd like to think that I myself is changing. Hopefully improving.

I ask Allah to help me through my journey and keep my heart mind positive.