Wedding Reminiscence #1: Transformation

Since it's wedding season again now, friends are getting married...I remembered my own wedding nearly 7 months ago.
It was and still is beautiful to me. One of the best events in my life.
And one of the best moments from it was when I was transformed!

I'm a simple girl.
The girl who constantly wears just a T-shirt and jeans.
The girl who goes out with no foundation on the face.
With as less makeup as possible.
The girl who lepak at mamak with the guys.
The girl who guys never turn twice to.
The girl who wears pants inside her baju kurung.
The girl who, if polished, always get a "kacak" rather than "cantik/lawa"
The girl who is one of the guys.
I am that kinda girl.

So, when it was time for me to be wedded, I scouted for a makeup artist who is going to make me pretty.
Never at once appeared in my mind of how I was going to look like.
That I could be the person who I was on my wedding!

During the Putrajaya reception rehearsal, I was on my simplest outfit.
I had my specs on, jeans obviously and an MU jersey on.
Bad hair day. No makeup whatsoever.
I was tired to begin with because of the appointments and work and wedding preps/receptions.
The MCs also knew how hectic it was for us and that I got the dress at the last minute.

Then the night came.
And we arrived to the place all dressed up, groomed to perfection. So-called. =P
The girl MC was in awe.
How do I know? Because she told me with her face. =)
After that the MC said something to the audience that makes me terharu and glad that I am who I am.
She told the audience how simple and sempoi I am starting when she first met me to that afternoon during rehearsal.
And it amazed her that I came out like a swan and a princess that night. I was a hidden gem.
It is something memorable that I would definitely remember. made me happy that I chose to be me.

To me, it's ok to groom and to be all maked up once in a while
As long as it does not throw away too much of your sparkle
Every bride wants to look their very very best on the wedding day.
I am no exception.
So, your job is to find someone who brings out the beauty in you.
Who transform you (in a good way) and bringing out the best in you.
And...keep a bit of the sparkle to yourself and release that on the most important day of your life.

p/s: My makeup artist for my receptions is highly recommended! For his number (yes, it's a he!), you can contact me. =)


  1. hi ilynn,
    i saw ur wedding pics kt someone's flickr. i suke sgt wedding dress u for putrajaya reception. sgt chantek!! the pelamin pon sgt gorgeous. hope if u dont mind sharing who's the vendor?


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