Memories: Modern Music


These few days I came back to my guitar. I miss playing it and suddenly I remembered one of the best times I had playing guitar. It was during my studies in UKM, when I took Modern Music as my co-curriculum subject.

We performed many songs on stage as a group and because I was the only girl playing guitar in the band plus I guess mainly because our vocalist who was so good looking, we became somewhat well known. I love being in the class because our teacher (for goodness me I can't remember his name) is really a talented person.

I was then at the same time playing guitar for the university's theater club. It was kind of a coincidence of how I began participating in theater. Abang Bob/Pisang actually is the one responsible. He saw me one day playing the guitar on stage during rehearsal for an event and approached me asking if I want to join theater. Although I was quite taken aback, but I did go to one theater session and I then found myself a member of Kelab Teater Rimba, apparently one of the famous theater club in Malaysia (mainly because of its founder, Bung Kancil).

Anyway, back to the music, the best moment of it all is during the final test. Besides the theory test, we have to do a practical test. Which is, performing. And the hardest song that we have to do was Relaku Pujuk by Spider. This song during that time, was a hit and everyone knows this song. We nailed the rhythm guitar quite easily. Then, me & the other guitarist had to find the tab for intro & solo. When we finally able to fit in the piece by piece of the tabs, I was given the lead guitar. Wow!

I was not as good as the other guitarist, but I think the instructor wants to showcase my talent & partly because I nailed the solo tab easily. And also, maybe since I am a female guitarist, if he gives me the lead and I nailed it, we easily can get A for this subject (in terms of practical).

I however, was having a bit of trouble with the intro. I practice and practice but occasionally I still slip. Up to the point when the other guitarist offered to do the intro if I am not confident to deliver it perfectly on that day. Thus, that became plan B. So, I practiced so much to make sure I do it perfectly. It all depends on me getting the intro perfect.

On that day, I was nervous but at the same time I have that feeling of excited-ness. I am performing for perhaps the last time with these guys (some of the band members are on their last year in UKM), so I want us all to get A. It was thrilling.

We performed other songs first. Relaku Pujuk was our last song. I was nervous as we waited for our drummer's queue for my intro. Really nervous. I remember I took a breath and let it out. And did the intro...and...nailed it! The feeling of relief! As soon as I got through the intro, rhythm guitar and me looked at each other with a look that says, "Yes, we passed that! Let's rock this show to the end!"

Needless to say, We Rock.