Review: Baby Room, IKEA Mutiara Damansara


Last review was about the baby room at Jusco, Mid Valley. Which was the 1st yg aku pegi.
Now, this time let's review about the baby room at IKEA.

It's located dekat dengan the IKEA Cafe. Ada 2 baby rooms. Each room size is very small but enough to fit one stroller. But if dh ade stroller in there, space could be cramped.
Furniture sudah tentu2 lah furniture from IKEA sendiri.

Dari segi design, IKEA is known for making the best out of small spaces. So, I would say it's a good effort for basic baby room.
It has a single-seater sofa, a changing table with tissue roll for hygiene purposes, a dustbin, mirror, sink & soap.

Plus points: Equipped with basic needs, Comfy sofa, big tissue roll, colourful designed room, confy changing table with mobile toy.

Minus points:
- Quite stuffy room with not much air conditioning felt (sebab lighting they use is yellow lighting)
- 2 rooms not enough! Aku penah share once and although I don't mind but it does feel a bit cramped. Sofa cuma ade satu, so the other mommy kene pakai kerusi dari cafe. Which is not that comfy la.
- Also, one of the rooms have faulty lock.
- Be careful with tissue roll! Roll die loose and could fall one side. Mine did fall and masa tu, Lulu tgh atas the changing table. Nasib baik x kene die.
- No bottle warmer/air minum whatsoever.

Wall decorated with IKEA fabric & that's the single-seater sofa.
Atas changing table, tissue roll tu agak loose.

Basically, IKEA's baby room is really minimal compared to other baby rooms. Now, ppl are much more aware of the importance of baby rooms and have buffed up the rooms at malls, airports, etc. So, IKEA should do something about this also. Maybe check the conditions of the rooms, make sure it is well-maintained.
Aku rasa the baby rooms are not that maintained sebab there are few safety precautions yg IKEA management kene repair.
I hope they do something about the room and try and maintain it regularly.
Of course, should they have space, do build another room.

Kalau nak aku bagi rating, aku bagi 2.5/5.
Banyak yg boleh diperbaiki. Yg faults tu banyak markah potong sebab a baby room kene la kids' friendly kan. Location wise, senang nak jumpa tp pintu masuk baby room ni agak misleading sbb pintu die mcm pintu nak masuk stor.

Ok, kita berhenti takat ni. Jumpe balik di entry akan datang.


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