Fidzy & Shu

I knew Fidz since we were 8 years old if I'm not mistaken.
It was funny how we became friends.
She actually approached me and we got to talking...
and all of a sudden, we found out our houses were sooooo close to each other!
It's not even a minute of walking!

From then on, we just started doing stuff together
Forming a girl group (her, me, my sister, her sister and Jojo, our neighbour)
Went to guitar classes together, hiking, fishing with her dad
Forming a duo, forming a band
Jamming together, performing together
To cut short, we're like family.

I was there when Fidz and Shu were a couple back then.
Shu knew her from Eno (her brother) when he was in KYS.
That was years ago. They parted ways after that.
Suddenly, they met again.
And got together.
And got engaged.
And...finally, got married!

I was more than willing to help during the preparation.
So, I made sure that my off days are during her big day so that I could be there for her.
Well, it was worth it coz I got to make some hantarans and of course took pictures!
Enjoy some pix from the khatam Al-Quran, solemnization and pertukaran baju (dunno what they call it specifically!)


Beading details

Us with hantarans


Fidz, this is the way to smile! =D

with her friends


Rash, Wani, Fidz, Shu, Anis, dunnowho, Irfan & Ash

10 days to the reception!


  1. finally I found the perfect place to thank YOU SO MUCH for everything....for being there most of all ^_^