Appreciate of everything you have

Aku baca blog FF.
And I am so amazed at his mature and profound thinking.

Aku tanye diri sendiri.
Pernah ke aku terfikir bahawa dia akan jadi macam tu?
I guess not really.
Aku dari dulu percaya yang dia akan menjadi someone successful in business,
but this is already so much more!

Aku tau yang aku banyak contribute in his whole journey of becoming who he is now,
and I will be the main contributor on his journey in the future also.
Tapi aku sendiri tak sangka how much he has achieve.
He kept most of his words, and his reach for his goals.

Dan yang paling aku tak sangka,
this man that has grown to be so mature and brilliant,
is actually my Fiance!
(I would admit, even if I am not attached to him, aku still akan rasa he has a thinking no man his age has)

And therefore,
Don't frown on what you don't have,
but instead look around, and be amazed at what you have.
Because people will only regret when they have lost things that they took for granted.